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It is our passion to help SME™ Family Officers™ help families achieve the success and, ultimately, the quality of life they desire by delivering the Smart Money Experience®.  We are seeking professional people who are seeking a methodology that can fulfill and even exceed their client family expectations.

We are only interested in engaging Family Officers™ who are the right fit.  They must be of unquestionable integrity.  They must desire above all else to put their client family interests ahead of their own.  They must desire to engage a business model that is focused on serving their families… not selling their families.  They want a business model that aligns their interests… with their client family interests.  They must be happy people who are energized by serving people.  They must embrace servant leadership.  They must complete all SME™ training requirements… and they must be engaged in ongoing SME™ coaching in community with other SME™ Family Officers™.

Imagine what it would be like to be served by a SME™ Family Officer™ who knows you, respects you and defines their success by their ability to help you achieve your financial goals… while increasing your quality of life.

The simple truth is that for you to experience greater success than you’ve ever known… and experience a greater quality of life than you’ve ever had… then you must do something different than you’ve ever done.  If this simple truth resonates with you… you can easily explore whether engaging an SME™ Family Officer™ is right for you.  It begins with a lunch or coffee meeting where you simply get acquainted… get some questions answered… and see if it feels right.

If it feels right, then you and  your spouse come into the office for a more in depth briefing we call The Bridge Conversation™.  It helps put things in perspective and gives you a bridge from where you are… to where you want to be.  If it makes sense and you want to engage… you then  have a conversation about what that entails and what you can expect.  If it feels right… you take the next step.  If it doesn’t feel right… you don’t.  It’s that simple.  Real value.  No hassle.

You can reach us through the Contact Us page if you would like to know more.  We would be delighted to introduce you to a SME™ Family Officer™ near you.





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