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Imagine living in a world where you make smart choices about money and feel free to do the things in life that are important to you… and improve your quality of life.

That’s the new world SME Family Officers free their client families to live in.

SME Family Officers are an elite group of professionals who serve as fiduciaries delivering The Smart Money Experience® (SME). Their vision is to help families make smart choices about money so they can achieve their goals, fulfill their purpose and live a great life. SME is a premier, comprehensive Family Office delivery process for the mass affluent that addresses every area of a family’s financial house, puts it in order and keeps it in order for the rest of their life.

SME Family Officers listen… really listen to hear what’s important to the families they serve. They facilitate a defined process with a team of experts that gives families a high probability of achieving their goals. How they do that makes them distinctive and delivers the reality of the Smart Money Experience®.




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