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How Do You Get There?

How Do You Get There?

The Smart Money Experience® (SME™) is a defined process for putting a family’s financial “house” in order… and keeping it in order for the rest of their life.  It begins with a “Bridge Conversation” that puts things in perspective and brings clarity to what’s important to the family… and the kind of life they want to live.  Once engaged, the SME™ Family Officer™ quarterbacks a Team of Experts to provide:

  • Written Financial Action Plans… that give families a chronological, step-by-step plan of action that gives them the highest probability of achieving their goals.
  • Asset Allocation Plans… that give families a plan to manage their money to best achieve their goals with the lowest possible risk.
  • Financial Safety/Insurance Plans… that give families a plan to identify and manage financial risks.
  • Progress Reports… delivered three times a year to give families clarity on what they have, where they have it… and the progress they are making toward their goals

Experts are engaged as needed to provide:

  • Tax Action Plans… that help families lower tax liability… and eliminate April surprises.
  • Estate Action Plans… that help families protect and transfer their assets to whom they want, when they want, the way they want… with the lowest possible tax.
  • Heritage Action Plans… that help families unite around their true family heritage… verses fighting over family money.
  • Charitable Action Plans… that help families increase income from their assets while also passing more assets to their family… and create meaningful legacies with charities.
  • Business Action Plans… that help families of business owners plan for succession and other family business concerns.

A defined process coupled with a Team of Experts allows SME Family Officers™ to deliver a consistently superior experience to client families regardless of uncertain economies and market volatility.  The Smart Money Experience® creates a distinctive empowering family experience.

*Family Officer is the SME designation for financial professionals delivering the Smart Money Experience®  for Mass Affluent families on a fee basis.




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